why roussin?

Roussin sheep are a breed not to be missed. Why?

We could give you a big list of qualities using a Roussin will bring to your sheep system. For example; fast finishing lambs, carcasses meeting the required specification. But anyone can write things to dazzle you! Instead why not speak directly to us? Use our contact page to drop us a line and we will contact you for a chat.

In case you want the dazzling list here are some of the traits you can expect....

  • Because of their shape; small head, leading to slender shoulders, they are extremely easy to lamb, ideal for use on ewe lambs and outdoor lambing.
  • Lambs are really vigorous, quick to get up and look for milk.
  • Roussin ewes are milky and motherly and pass this trait onto their offspring.
  • Carcasses have an excellent meat:bone ratio.
  • Roussin sheep suit all types of system from finishing cross-bred Blackface hoggs off the hills of Scotland at 40kgs to lowland grass finishing flocks. (We can put you in touch with breeders who use the breed for these systems, please just ask for information.)
GALLERY OF 2017 - 2018 

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